Helmrig Ltd has been dealing with Field Horsetail through its invasive weeds division 'Knotweed Eradication' for over 18 years

Established in 1980, Helmrig Ltd has been dealing with Britain’s most invasive weeds for over 18 years across the North West of England and Scotland.

Preventing Field Horsetail (“Mare's Tail”) in a new development

Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail” or Equisetum arvense) is a highly invasive, deep rooted perennial weed that is known to penetrate tarmac driveways if left untreated. Because of how fast it spreads, Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail”) requires immediate prevention once identified to prevent the risk of property damage and colonisation of the surrounding area.

Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail”) is common throughout the UK and has been around since prehistoric ages. It thrives in all kinds of environments including beds, borders, lawns, gravel paths and even underneath driveways and paving slabs. Because the roots can can grow in excess of 3 metres, digging this out is rarely an option and full eradication can take years to treat with traditional methods.

Because Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail”) lodge themselves in small cracks and germinate quickly, they are a particular problem for hard landscaping and can cause extensive damage. This is also a problem for mortgage lenders who will consider this a serious risk to the value of the property.

Identifying Field Horsetail (“Mare's Tail”)

Below ground, Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail”) may have roots extending over 3 metres long, but can be identified surface level through their distinctive stems which are highly fertile, releasing reproductive spores above ground level. These tend to appear throughout spring and will persist until frost sets in. They get their name from their appearance once they have grown, where the stems bunch together and resemble a horse’s tail.

Extensive knowledge and experienced professionals

We offer you peace of mind through our extensive knowledge when it comes to Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail”) identification. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our friendly team has earned their specialist title by doing what they promise to, with successful completions on over 2000 sites dealing with invasive weeds.

Avoid excessive costs by contacting us today

Helmrig Ltd offers a consultation, survey, and quotation before the problem gets out of control. Efficient identification can save thousands of pounds later. The appropriate management of land infested with Field Horsetail (“Mare’s Tail”) can avoid excessive costs, potential prosecution and prevent structural damage to buildings. We work closely with you to ensure the most cost-effective solutions from a range of treatment options

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